ēcomexport is the worldwide italian food export company

5 proprietary brands, over 600 different products and 82 countries served to spread an authentic Italian experience in the World.

What we do?

fine italian food all over the world, and more.

High quality Italian agri-food like pasta, tomatoes, legumes, pestos, olive oil, fine Italian clothing, cosmetics, wellness products and much more at competitive prices. 

We bring the excellence of Italian products all over the world and support our partners by choosing the perfect products for their benefit.

From the land to the table: all our brands reflect the genuineness, diversity and excellence of our territory.

Our multilingual team will assist you throughout the order, from the selection of the products to the delivery.

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Raw Material Selection

Quality Check


Worldwide Shipping

How we operate

We check and select the best products from our partners importers that we think could be more interesting for international partners.

We respect the quality control checklist that are vital in making a quality check effective like product and packaging requirements, on-site tests and checks or defect classification.

Sustainability for us also means using energy from renewable sources and in particular electricity produced by our solar panels.

We can ship all our different products worldwide.

We can save on the shipping costs and can provide you with a wider range of fine Italian products at a better price.

Our sales team always checks all our shipments to respect the delivery date indicated on order confirmations.

Multilingual Customer Care

Whenever you need our team of professionals supervises your orders all the way, in every moment.


We are able to reach 82 countries all over the world: this makes us experts in worldwide trading and allows us to have a positive impact on your business.

We will reply to your messages within a few hours, both during and after the delivery, for your full satisfaction

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Discover our catalogue

Our catalogue includes over 500 products. We are ready to meet your needs with our natural and 100% organic line.

Our production process is based on the unquestionable values of respect, sensitivity and environmental care.

A constant checking of the production process enables us to provide the best quality Italian specialties at competitive prices.


What they say

Matt Hansen

Import/Export Manager

My relationship with ēcomExport takes us back to the 2017 when i downloaded their catalogue. We are now being working with them for 4 years and i can say i am very happy about it, they have good products for reasonable prices. No need to go for the big Pasta brands like Barilla or others expensive Wine Producers, they have the good stuff for the reasonable price!


British Food Chain Director

We've been partners with ēcomExport for over 8 years, i used to be referring to many different suppliers for Italian products, but i don't need to do that anymore, they have everything we need for our well known British and Australian food chain.

Tiffany Stanley

Director of Purchasing

We used to have 100's of different suppliers for our chain of British stores, but then we saw the ēcomExport catalogue and decided to become partners, on top of that the prices are top notch! 

gary shaw

Import Manager

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